Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I'm doing

Dry Bones is a non-profit agency that caters to the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless youth in Denver. Our goal is to see the dead brought back to life through the name of Jesus Christ. This summer I am interning with Dry Bones and will be living in Colorado from May 30 - August 9. Throughout the summer I will be updating the blog, hopefully adding some pictures, and writing some cool stories of how God is working. Feel free to check out their site:

Resourceful Fund Raising: Spange

Another attempt at fund raising I am trying is a G2-Spange-Drive (spare change). I love drinking G2 Gatorade. Throughout the year I had collected around 80 bottles which I strategically displayed on a shelf in my room for no reason at all. After my friend AJ gave me this idea of getting your friends to accumulate their spare change over time and then donating it to you, it inspired me to start my G2-Spare-Change-Drive. I began passing out bottles with an informative label a week ago. I have passed out approximately 30 bottles so far. One of my best friends, Brandon, was so awesome that he returned the bottle to me full after only 3 days! If you would like to get involved in this way of support let me know. I have been blessed with such wonderful friends. I thank God everyday for the blessing you each and every one of you provide in my life.