Friday, June 12, 2009

No Justice in "Just Statements"

Webster defines justice as the quality of being just, impartial, or fair. Often times society (and even myself) can be caught using "just statements." In order to solve poverty or homelesness we will often say things like, "just get a job," or "just quit using drugs," or "if you just ask for help," or "just go back to school;" just, just, just, just. However, as I become closer and closer with my new friends, the more I begin to realize how unjust these statements really are. As I sit and look into the eyes of people who have been trampled on in life, I relized there is so much more to it. So many of these kids have been molested by their own parents and family members. They have been put in foster family after foster family. Many have been beated and abused. Some have been dealing drugs since the age of 15. Many have entered the realm of prostitution. Tons have scars all over their arms from years and years of being hooked on meth and heroine. The wounds go deep; emotionally, phisically, mentally, and spiritually. So who are we to say "just do this" and "just do that"? Where is the justice in that? How is their life "fair?" Every single person, even these kids have been bought with the price of the cross. Just statements are not the answer, Jesus is. Pray that Jesus can use even me to reveal his love for them.