Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sharing Faith through Life

A week from yesterday, I met a new friend named Dawn. Dawn told me about her occupation of "flying a sign." Flying a sign simply means sitting on a corner with a cardboard box with words written like, "help feed my family of four." To people who live on the streets, this is what they consider work. They get up early and end late and they call this working. Some days they will strike big and earn $200 and some days barely get by with $20. Dawn told me that she had a man stop and give her $5o. He looked at her and said, "here is $50, now I want you to go for the day and just let God take care of the rest." For the past few weeks, Dawn had told me that a lot of her friends and random people have been talking to her about Jesus. She, however, grew up pagan. She has never believed in God and has always been a bit suspicious. However, she told me that just recently she is starting to question everything. It was an awesome conversation that sounds deep but was really just a simple conversation. So I told her right then that God is wanting her. That he is seeking her out, that he loves her, and that he has a plan for her. It was so casual that I wasn't sure how serious she took it but she responded by saying she knew and that she is going to keep searching. I'm very excited for her.

At the same picnic I met an older homeless man named Randy. He looked like Tom Selleck. So Randy told me he served during the gulf war, that he believes in God, and that he has had headaches ever since. We talked for a little bit about God, life, heroin (which he doesn't do, but has many friends that do), and much more. As we ended our conversation, I asked if I could pray for his headaches. He asked if I would pray for him to find the right influences to hang out with as well. I prayed for him right there and it was such an encouragement to my faith to see a man so down on his luck fully believing and relying on God. I haven't seen him since, I don't know what happened after, but I pray that Randy continues to see God and that he seeks him every single day.

So as I got to experience this with my two new friends, I think about some of the close friends I made right from the start. My friends Cami and Simon are both friends that I really clicked with. I loved seeing them and looked forward to running into them every day. However, for the past 3 or 4 weeks I have not seen them. They are precious children of God and I never talked to them once about God. I pray every day that I did not miss my opportunity to share Jesus with them. I pray that Jesus is visible through my life and my actions. I believe this shows the importance of living a life worth of God's calling and also the importance of sharing your faith. It is through life, actions, and words that we share our faith. Hopefully I will see them again soon. Please continue to pray for the lost, not just on the streets but everywhere. Pray for my last four weeks and pray that I continue to be sensitive to what God is telling me to do.